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We at Contentaltot help you with your search engine optimization of your website. Search engine optimization, or simply SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the art of optimizing a website’s content to make the website appear as good as possible in Google’s and other search engine results. With affordable SEO services we help you reach higher than before.

Look at SEO as you (should) do with your fitness condition

Search engine optimization is something that should be seen as a good fitness condition, to make a comparison with sports. The more you continuously work with it, the better you improve your results, if on the contrary you completely ignore your condition, the results will be accordingly.

Since you will also be fighting against the competitors’ search engine optimization, it will be even more important that you work with your fitness … sorry, your search engine optimization in an even better way to in the long run also run away from your competitors. What better way to do it than with affordable SEO services that we gladly provide?

Examples how affordable SEO services can help


There are a variety of factors that determine how much Google and other search engines will like your site, something that we at Contentalot can also help you with. So, what makes Google and other search engines like your site a little more?

All of the above is what we at Contentalot can help you with. If you do not have a need for all these services, we will of course tailor a layout that suits your wishes, needs and budget.

Learning SEO can be done by anyone who has an interest in it, but it is also something that can take a long time to do and is at the same time something that everyone has neither the time nor the desire to do.

affordable SEO Services

This is how we work with your search engine optimization

When you hire us for one or more of our services, our goal is always that you will be 100% satisfied with what you hire us for. When we take on your and other clients’ assignments, we basically always work in one and the same way. Affordable SEO services does not mean that we lower our quality, on the contrary – we work double as hard!

1. Keyword analysis with an analysis of the current situation

We perform an advanced keyword analysis regarding which single keywords and keyword phrases your customers are searching for and what search volumes they have. The purpose of keyword analysis is to decide which keywords and keyword phrases to use on each and every page of your site.

In addition to this, we also do a careful analysis of how your competitors in the industry work with their SEO to see how your website can do what your competitors do even better. Here we also do a careful review of how your website ranks on the search engines today for each keyword and all search phrases. 

2. On-page analysis

Here we do a deeper analysis of how your website is structured in terms of things like content, responsive design, load time, titles, headings, alt-tags, meta descriptions etc. Here you always have the opportunity to carry out the On-page SEO yourself with consultance from us or to let us create our magic for you.

3. On-page SEO

Here we do all your website’s on-page optimization which is an absolute must for the website to be able to reach its full pontential. 

4. Comparision & Report from our affordable SEO Services

After our work is done we show you a comparision of your website’s results, before and after we have worked with it. We provide a full report of each step that has been made on your website and what we have worked with.

5. Your next steps

The last step in our work is to show you your own steps in your SEO. We will provide you a number of fantastic tips and suggestions on how you can proceed with your SEO work and where we also show how you can improve your website. With the goal to constantly be one step ahead of your competitors.

Transparent SEO Services

In our work together with you. During the work, we always have ongoing contact with you and we always answer any conceivable questions or concerns that you may have. Even though all things in SEO are important and where SEO is a job that needs to be done continuously, there are still things that are more important than others.

The single biggest factor in how well a website should succeed in ranking on Google and other search engines, is if you have links to your website of really good quality, of course we will help you with this as well if you want. This kind of SEO-work is called Off-page SEO which you also can read more about on our subpage about link building.

It is important to know that you always need to have a lot of patience when working with SEO. The SEO services that has been performed today can sometimes take months until you can see the full results that has been achieved. SEO should be seen as your own physical condition, the more you work on it the more successful you will be in the long run. 

FAQ - About our Affordable SEO Services

SEO is something that takes a long time and must be done continuously, which is important to be aware of. When you hire us, we will give you a report on how your website "feels" and what statistics it currently has, just as we will also give you a detailed report after the end of the assignment so that you can see how your website has improved during the time we have been working on it.

We tailor all our affordable SEO services completely to your wishes, needs and your budget. Because of this it´s also impossible to give a straight up answer how much our affordable SEO Services will cost you at the end.


What we always can promise you is that our SEO services is one of the most affordable in the business and were we always provide top quality for our work and a 100% customer satisfaction for all our clients.


Contact us via our questionnaire on this page and state what you want help with. We will then get back to you within 24 hours with a quote or alternatively with introductory questions from our side.

It is basically not difficult to become your own search engine optimizer but it is still something that takes a very long time to learn.

Also keeping up to date on an industry that is constantly evolving is something that is important for anyone who wants to become their own search engine optimizer or SEO consultant.

Becoming good at search engine optimization is really about three things, an interest and desire to learn and plenty of patience to learn the art of SEO.

Of course, this is something that all our customers can do. We will give you a suggestion on link building and where you can choose according to your wishes and your budget what this should look like.

Absolutely, our SEO consultants and skilled staff are ready to help you with your needs. Start by contacting us via our contact form where you also state which of our affordable SEO Services you need, your webpage and we will then get back to you with a tailored layout for your SEO for all your websites.

You can also choose to contact us via: if you prefer.

We believe in being able to offer services to everyonebusinesess that needs it. Not all businesess understand the need of SEO so the threshold is lower if the cost isn't as big as regular marketing and PR projects and such.

A way for us to keep prices lower than what many competitors do is mainly due to the fact that we have lower overheads than many others have.

Many of our search engine optimizers are freelancers and work remotely, which also means that we do not have as great a need for large premises as many of our competitors may have. Even though we are a consultant for SEO services who has really good and competitive prices, it is also important to be aware that we always deliver high quality in our work and where our goal is always that you as a client should be 100% satisfied with our services.